Manual diamond strips suitable for safe, precise, orthodontic preparations.
Bilateral and/or monolateral strips with predefined thickness, for controlled IPR reduction/correction, and finishing & polishing in orthodontics or restorations.


Bilateral diamond-coated saw, specially suitable for a quick, safe, and precise interdental opening of a contact point in orthodontics. Bilateral (DDS) strip with calibrated thickness.


With flexible honeycomb structure, especially suitable for safe, precise, non-invasive orthodontic preparations.
Bilateral (DBS) strip with calibrated thickness for controlled interproximal correction, finishing, and polishing.

Ergo PoliStrip

The perfect solution for all your approximal, flexible finishing and polishing treatments.
Ergo PoliStrip is a very flexible and thin polyester strip with an ultra-fine, abrasive silicium coating on one side. Excellent for highly polished and finished interproximal areas and subgingival surfaces, and for an effective treatment of high-gloss enamel, composites, and cements.