As we are a Swiss company, top quality and absolute reliability are a matter of course to us. Thus, all DentaSonic solutions are extensively tested and scientifically documented.

As a result, we are offering innovative concepts and highly precise instruments on which specialists cannot only fully rely, but which also contribute to the best possible result of their treatments, so patients will be highly satisfied, whether in orthodontics, restorative dentistry, or oral prophylaxis.

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Our philosophy

Long years of experience, a profound knowledge of the subject and top quality standards as to material and instruments – there are many arguments in favour of DentaSonic. But the true essence of our company consists of our endeavour to work on ever new ideas, in finding new and innovative approaches and solutions, and in our motivation to deliver the absolute best into the hands of our customers and practitioners – in the truest sense of the word.

As a small but excellent and owner-managed company, DentaSonic has the great advantage to be in close proximity to its customers, able to enter into a direct dialogue with them and react quickly and flexibly to the inputs and needs of practitioners when developing new products and instruments.


The initiator and driving force of DentaSonic is dental specialist Peter Rek from Ticino, who wanted to combine his long years of experience, his professional knowledge and his vision of high-quality products and the scope of application of his instruments into an innovative project. Since its launch in 2017, DentaSonic has focused on continuously developing and optimizing non-invasive enamel treatments. With his knowledge and passion, Peter Rek is always seeking new and better solutions – both in the interest of orthodontists and dentists as well as their patients. “There’s always a way to do it better, that is, develop less invasive, more comfortable, safer and, last but not least, faster procedures.”

In addition to the creative and exciting aspect of developing new products or new techniques, the co-operation and exchange of views and ideas with opinion leaders and universities provide me with a different and stimulating perspective of the dental world: that of the respective industry. At DentaSonic, I see the same corporate philosophy that I strive to apply to my clients: namely, offering more than what is expected of me. In my opinion, this is the best guarantee of any long-term success.

Peter Rek

reliability and quality

DentaSonic offers high-precision instruments for a non-invasive and safe treatment of interproximal spaces. Whether reducing natural enamel or reducing resin surfaces, the quality and adaptability of DentaSonic offers practitioners maximum control and optimum results.